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Shopping at Costa Rica Local Farmer’s Market – Feria

Shopping at the local market – Here are some good reasons for it. One really good reason for living in Costa Rica is the ability to be able to shop at the local “feria” or farmers market. There isn’t just one, there are local markets all over the city around San Jose, but out in […]

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Ultra-Luxury travel: A return to unabashed indulgence

In 2014, expect even more travels brands to find more lavish ways of catering to this niche with exceptionally exclusive offerings. Let’s look at some examples of how premium travel brands have upped the ante over the past year, taking luxury to a whole new level and offering truly covetable travel services and experiences that […]

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Luxury Travel Specialist Now Accepting Bitcoin

Lets Fly Cheaper has just announced that it will begin offering customers the convenient option of paying for business and first class tickets using bitcoin. Bitcoin is the new virtual currency that has received so much attention in the last few months.  

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Fantasy Island Beach Villas: The Brando In French Polynesia

Marlon Brando’s former Tahitian retreat, the atoll of Tetiaroa, as seen from the air. Marlon Brando had good taste in islands as the owner of the unspoiled, blue lagoon enveloped atoll of Tetiaroa, 30 miles northeast of the main island of Tahiti. Brando had famously become attached to Polynesia when he shot “Mutiny on the […]

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