Nearby Tours

At Casa Oceano, you can be as laid back as you like, or you can select from one of the many nearby adventure tours such as half or full day sport fishing.  There are  ATV tours, snorkeling trips to beautiful Tortuga Island, nearby canopy rides, birdwatching tours in the estuary, as well as two tours to two nearby parks – The Curu Private Biological Park and Cabo Blanco National Park.   Nearby towns for surfing, Mal Pais, and for souvenirs and color, Montezuma, will round out your tastes for adventure.   Also, Some of the resort facilities are also available for a fee, like golfing and tennis, or horseback riding.

But, remember, there are many activities for all right around the villa.

Tour Descriptions


Snorkeling at Tortuga Island

Take a 20 minutes cruise along the Nicoya coastline and across the bay to the tropical island of Tortuga. Once you have arrived, you will be able to enjoy beautiful snorkeling and a pristine white sand beach surrounded by exotic vegetation. Includes snorkeling equipment, cold drinks and fruit, 4 hours, 4 people minimum. Prices are for the trip and for the trip including a BBQ

Tortuga Island Tour Pictures

Curu Private Biological Park

A guided visit through a beautiful biological reserve, where you will see the tropical dried forest and the mangrove ecosystem. The highlight of this tour will be the howler, white faced and spider monkeys, that you will see and many types of birds. Perfect for birdwatchers and nature lovers! Entrance fee to the park is not included. Included are cold drinks and fruit, 4 hours, 4 people minimum. Tour by car or by boat.

Montezuma Waterfall & Village

Enjoy an exhilarating hike and a refreshing dip in the Montezuma waterfall. Visit the colorful bohemian village of Montezuma where you will have time to do some souvenir shopping, in the unique little shops and along the sides streets, where colorful vendors sell their crafts. Include cold drinks and fruit, 4 hours, 4 people minimum. Tour by car or by boat.

Combination of the above tours:

1 and 2 (Include BBQ, cold drinks and fruit, 6 hours, 4 people minimum) 1 and 3 (Include BBQ, cold drinks and fruit, 6 hours, 4 people minimum) 2 and 3 (Include BBQ, cold drinks and fruit, 6 hours, 4 people minimum) 1, 2 and 3 (Full day, include BBQ, cold drinks and fruit, 4 people minimum ) Note: Park Entrance fees are not included in the price of the tours.

Nicoya Gulf Islands Tour

Tour to visit the beautiful islands of the gulf of Nicoya. You will be told the legend of San Lucas Island and its great history as one of the most terrible prisons in Costa Rica. We’ll also visit: Guayabo, Jesusitas, Cedros, Negritos, Iguanas, Pan de Azúcar islands and finally we’ll have lunch on the exotic island of Tortuga. You will be able to snorkel in clear water off shore. Include BBQ, cold drinks and fruit, 8 hours, 4 people minimum.

Canopy Tour in Montezuma

Zip through the tree tops at high speed, a once in lifetime experience! After zipping between 11 platforms through the Montezuma’s forest a refreshing waterfall awaits. This adrenaline-packed thrill ride ends with an exploration of Montezuma’s charming streets, where you’ll be able to buy souvenirs and handcrafts. Include cold drinks and fruit, 5 hours, 4 people minimum. Tour by car or by boat.

Pictures of the Montezuma Canopy Tour & Village

Cabo Blanco National Park Tour

Marvel at the great variety of flora and fauna! This pristine, national reserve with its amazing landscape, is perfect for nature lovers. The park closes early, so this tour should be planned early in the day. Note: Fee for park entrance is not included. Include cold drinks, 4 hours, 4 people minimum. Tour by car

Mal Pais & Playa Manzanillo Beaches Sunset Excursion

You will be taken to the breathtakingly beautiful beach of Mal Pais and enjoy the world famous waves of Santa Teresa. At the end of a wonderful day, you will be treated to an unforgettable sunset. Include cold drinks, 5 hours, 4 people minimum. Tour by car

ATV Adventure

Skid through muddy jungle trails and splash across rivers. A day of adventure and pure adrenaline! Make a stop halfway, to cool off with a dip in a pristine waterfall. Include cold drinks. 2 hours or 4 hours 8 hours with lunch included 1 day with lunch included

ATV Tour Pictures

Jet Skis:

Half hour or 1 hour rentals available

Fishing Trips: Coastal Sport Fishing

The waters surrounding the Nicoya peninsula offer World-class fishing, what are you waiting for? Coastal or deep sea, are both very good options to catch the fish of your dreams! Includes, fishing equipment, cold drinks and fruit, 4 hours, 4 people maximum.

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Coastal Sport Fishing and Snorkeling in Tortuga Island

Enjoy a half day of fishing then experience a scenic trip down the coast to Tortuga Island, where you will visit its famous beach. Snorkel from our boats in the clear waters offshore. Enjoy many colorful tropical fish and the exotic marine life. We will have lunch and relax on this tropical island. Includes, fishing equipment, BBQ, cold drinks and fruit, 7 hours, 4 people maximum.

Deep Sea Fishing

Full day deep sea fishing: Rooster fish, sailfish and marlin. We offer you fully equipped boats and a professional crew. Include lunch, cold drinks and fruit.