Tide Pools

A favorite for exploring naturalists and kids are the tide pools to the right of Casa Oceano, directly off the sandy beach. At medium and low tides, these tide pools trap the small fish that normally swim freely between the differnt rock outcroppings and open ocean. At low, low tides, larger tide pools are exposed further out, and you can walk there easily, but it is recommended to have on “reef walkers” or shoes with agressive soles that will be able to grip on the sometimes moss and algae covered rocks.

The pictures below are a sampling of the different fish, hermit crabs and larger species that you will see in the tide pools. They really are only a half to one and a half inches long, althought they appear larger in the photos. It would be best to use a camera with an optical zoom as the fish and crabs dart around very rapidly, changeing direction, as the sense you approaching, knowing that they are trapped.

Camouflage fish in a tide pool
Swimming camouflage fish, darting and turning rapidly.
Crab running for cover in a tide pool.
Hermit Crab in tide pool in front of Casa Oceano
Hermit crabs use the discarded shell of other sea creatures.
Tide pool crab hiding under a rock outcroping.