Marlon Brando’s former Tahitian retreat, the atoll of Tetiaroa, as seen from the air.

Marlon Brando had good taste in islands as the owner of the unspoiled, blue lagoon enveloped atoll of Tetiaroa, 30 miles northeast of the main island of Tahiti. Brando had famously become attached to Polynesia when he shot “Mutiny on the Bounty” there, falling for his Tahitian costar in the process and then picking up a 99 year lease on this former Tahitian royals’ retreat composed of 12 islets or motus. Later, he decided to open it up carefully to outside guests while preserving the ecosystem and culture. Ten years after his death in 2004, it’s finally happening with the opening of the resort named, of course, The Brando on July 1st.

Part luxe hotel, part scientific laboratory, the development will have 35 villas with their own pools operated by Pacific Beachcomber, which manages various Intercontinental hotels on the other islands,  the usual assortment of water sports facilities, a spa surrounded by coconut palms, beach bars fronting crystalline water and powdery beaches so gorgeous as to render one speechless and a restaurant run by Le Grand Vefour’s Michelin three star chef Guy Martin.

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