The Beach Villa

Casa Oceano is a true beachfront villa – a marriage of sea, sand, oceanfront infinity pool and luxurious accommodations. Experience tropical palms and colorful flowers as you’re just steps away from the warm and tropical Pacific Ocean.  Take a refreshing swim, or just relax on your beach towel enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Casa Oceano has a beachfront infinity pool – where you can have a tropical fruit smoothy or your favorite cocktail with your family and friends.  Or, you can indulge your private thoughts while watching the sun sparkle off the breaking surf.  Isn’t this what life is about? Be prepared to slow down and be at one with your surroundings.  This is more than a vacation; it is an experience in rejuvenation!

There is a shaded oceanfront patio and sun deck with comfortable lounge chairs.  Inside is a large Mediterranean couch overlooking the Pacific, and toward the gourmet kitchen, an oceanfront dining area.  The gourmet kitchen is appointed to meet the needs of our chef, so if you personally prefer to use your own culinary skills, you will find everything you need.

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